Investing in the stock market is no easy task. Even the most experienced traders find themselves at a lost sometimes when deciding whether to hold and when to sell a stock. However, the good news is that successfully navigating the stock market can be learned with the help of leading financial websites, such as Barchart. Any trader can learn about details about the best stocks to buy when they visit this and other stock market websites. Among other helpful tools, visitors can look at detailed indicators like 52 week lows and historical data of stock prices, which provides the necessary information to make an informed trading decision.

Barchart has been in business for more than eight decades and has consistently raised the bar when it comes to market information. Members of the website can enjoy benefits like personal market feeds. The tool offered allows Barchart members to monitor price alerts, market activity and news that can help them in their trading decisions. The functionality also enables members to connect with other traders, much like a social media account that is designed to be easy and convenient for market traders.

The personal market feed feature is one of the more impressive and useful tools found on Barchart’s website. Once a Barchart member logs into his account, he can see triggered price alerts displayed directly on his feed. News is also displayed and he has the option to choose the type of news fed to his account, as well as types of sources of the news.

Interactivity is enhanced in the personal market feed feature since members can connect with other members. Subscribers can find other members by typing in names in the search box. Even better, they can exchange comments, insights and opinions on market activity and trends in the Market Talk section. For instance, a Barchart member can recommend a stock as a “buy,” which can then help other members. Through this feature, Barchart members can share information and knowledge that they find useful as they manage their portfolios.

Barchart is a reputable provider of price quotes, charts and technical analysis not only for the stock markets but also for the options, foreign exchange and ETF markets. Its personal market feed section makes it easier for members to keep track of all the information relevant to them – whether its stocks to buy or 52 week lows – and enable them to maximize their profitability in the process. Visit barchart.com to become a member today.

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