Staying on top of up-to-the-minute changes in the stock market can be difficult. Stock market movements are important indicators that can spell success in your own personal investment strategy. Stay on top of market movements by subscribing to stock market alerts—The most efficient way to determine the best stocks to buy.

To get the most out of your stock market alert subscription, use it to find the perfect opportunities according to your individual trading strategy. Select intraday alerts to monitor the market conditions every five minutes against delayed market data, and receive notification via email or text. Set your alerts as “one-time” or “continuous.” Have an advantage over other traders and receive breaking news that can affect your portfolio.

Or, check end of day data once the market closes each day of trading.  Examine trading volume and be on top of major overall market swings to be in the best position to make a decision whether to sell or not, in real time. Set alerts for the parameters that are important to your strategy: Price change, percent change, and historical highs and lows.

Screen according to fundamental data, too. View market changes according to profit margin, dividend growth, P/E ratio, ROE % and market cap. Also add technical, including moving average, relative strength, and historic volatility. Stock option quotes should also be part of any alert tool, and they should be available for US and Canadian equities—Check out daily historical data for stocks and mutual funds.

Stay on top of your own portfolio. Try the new Barchart  Strategic Alerts Services. A free, 14-day trial subscription will give you a window into information that would be hard to keep up with otherwise. A subscription opens the door to valuable Barchart membership, providing you access to market screeners, historical data, custom charts, and your own portfolio builder. Receive charts, quotes, technical, opinions, and trader’s cheat sheets for particular equities or futures symbol. You’ll get your own personal market feed, a home page that you can configure with the financials and updates that are most important to you. Connect with other members of the Barchart community and build your personal network of traders. Best of all, with over 500 alert variables, you can customize market pages. This free trial subscription to keep you on top of the best stocks to buy awaits you at Barchart.com. Use strategic stock market alerts for investment success.

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