Learn about Stock Market Myths and Improve Your Covered Call Strategy



Many people looking for worthy investment ventures are often hesitant of putting their hard earned money in the stock market. One of the reasons behind this is because of the different myths and rumors surrounding this particular financial market. This is a sad fact, as the stock market is actually one of the best avenues for an individual to accumulate substantial financial resources. This is especially true if an individual knows the best covered call strategy to use, such as utilizing the most reliable covered calls screeners.

Before we get into detail of how individuals can improve their covered calling strategies, let us first delve into what the most common myths surround the stock market.

Myth No. 1: P/E ratios are effective methods to compare stocks

It is easy to find P/E (price to earning) ratios. Due to this, a lot of individuals are led to believe that these numbers will tell them whether a particular stock is expensive or cheap. This has also resulted in the creation of the belief that these P/E ratios are effective methods to compare stocks.

The truth is that those who participate in the stock market need Value to Price ratios. With these ratios, investors and traders will learn whether a particular stock is cheap, fairly priced or expensive. Of course, it is still necessary for investors to have an accurate way of computing the stock’s value, but learning about the intrinsic value of a stock is much more effective than P/E ratios.

Myth No. 2: Young traders and investors should take greater risks

One of the most common pieces of advice that young and new traders and investors receive is that they should take more risks to increase their chances of better results. This is something that should be avoided. The simple reason is because it can result in severe financial problems.

What young traders and investors should know is how they can make money in stocks that come with low risk. They should purchase stocks that have consistent and predictable growth earnings. They should never put more than 10% of their money into a single stock. They should not own more than 2 different stocks in the same type of industry. Lastly, they should use stop-sell orders so that they can further reduce their risks.

Myth No. 3: Investing more leads to greater profits

Another very common myth surrounding the stock market is that individuals should invest more so that they can generate greater profits. This is not the case. Stock owners have the opportunity for steady income stream by making use of the stocks that they already own through the help of covered call options.

Covered call options are considered to be one of the most effective ways to generate extra income in the stock market. Those who undergo covered call writing can generate profits from these investment options without having to further spend more money on purchasing new stocks. The fixed monthly income that these options provide allows investors to mitigate their risks. In addition, these options often expire worthless.

Those interested in this particular investment option should know that making use of reliable covered calls screeners will help increase the chances of becoming more profitable. The use of such a service is considered by many smart investors to be their best covered call strategy. To ensure that the screener is highly effective, choose the screener offered from Barchart, a leading financial market information provider. Visit barchart.com for more details.

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How to Use Stock Market Alerts to Your Advantage



Staying on top of up-to-the-minute changes in the stock market can be difficult. Stock market movements are important indicators that can spell success in your own personal investment strategy. Stay on top of market movements by subscribing to stock market alerts—The most efficient way to determine the best stocks to buy.

To get the most out of your stock market alert subscription, use it to find the perfect opportunities according to your individual trading strategy. Select intraday alerts to monitor the market conditions every five minutes against delayed market data, and receive notification via email or text. Set your alerts as “one-time” or “continuous.” Have an advantage over other traders and receive breaking news that can affect your portfolio.

Or, check end of day data once the market closes each day of trading.  Examine trading volume and be on top of major overall market swings to be in the best position to make a decision whether to sell or not, in real time. Set alerts for the parameters that are important to your strategy: Price change, percent change, and historical highs and lows.

Screen according to fundamental data, too. View market changes according to profit margin, dividend growth, P/E ratio, ROE % and market cap. Also add technical, including moving average, relative strength, and historic volatility. Stock option quotes should also be part of any alert tool, and they should be available for US and Canadian equities—Check out daily historical data for stocks and mutual funds.

Stay on top of your own portfolio. Try the new Barchart  Strategic Alerts Services. A free, 14-day trial subscription will give you a window into information that would be hard to keep up with otherwise. A subscription opens the door to valuable Barchart membership, providing you access to market screeners, historical data, custom charts, and your own portfolio builder. Receive charts, quotes, technical, opinions, and trader’s cheat sheets for particular equities or futures symbol. You’ll get your own personal market feed, a home page that you can configure with the financials and updates that are most important to you. Connect with other members of the Barchart community and build your personal network of traders. Best of all, with over 500 alert variables, you can customize market pages. This free trial subscription to keep you on top of the best stocks to buy awaits you at Barchart.com. Use strategic stock market alerts for investment success.

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Choosing a Financial Advisor to Guide You Through Futures Charts and Other Investing Basics



Investing is usually an area that most people don’t want to deal with by themselves. The reasons for this are plentiful. People are obviously scared of losing money in case they make poor investment decisions. Secondly, the plethora of investment options can confuse newcomers to the stock market. Hiring a financial advisor, thus, appeals to many investors who can help them understand investing basics like trading stocks, futures charts and commodity charts among others.

However, choosing a financial advisor is no easy task. A common fear among investors is that their financial advisor would only push for investment options in order for the advisor to earn a profit through commissions. Investors who want to make the best investing decisions possible must be very careful when screening and choosing a financial advisor.

Finding a financial advisor often begins through referrals. Colleagues, friends and family members are usually those that refer financial advisors. The risk in finding financial advisors through referrals, however, is that people tend to make referrals not based on experience or competence of a financial advisor, but more on the issue of personality. People refer financial advisors that they like or that they are fond of to their friends and family members.

When evaluating a prospective financial advisor, one should thoroughly scrutinize the advisor. There are many questions that an investor can ask, such as the amount of experience and the background of the prospective financial advisor. The investor should also inquire about the style of the advisor in terms of planning and investing.

Likewise, the investor must see to it that the financial advisor would only be charging on a fee-only basis instead of commissions. It is normal for advisors that are compensated through commissions to frequently recommend transactions in order to earn more. On the other hand, advisors who are charged on a fee-only basis are likely to protect the interests of their clients by recommending only the most appropriate investments.

The advisor must also work with the investor when it comes to setting profit targets. Great financial advisors are those that show and explain various investment modes to their clients. The advisor will also write an investment policy statement that enumerates details like target returns, tax issues and risk tolerance among others.

Hiring a financial advisor may be difficult at first, especially for investors who have no idea about the qualities that make a good financial advisor. Nonetheless, the services of an advisor could be worth it in the long run. More than explaining the basics of investing and details like futures charts and commodity charts, a capable financial advisor will be able to maximize the earning potentials of his clients. For a free online advisor, visit barchart.com. This financial website offers insights into all aspects of the stock market free of charge.

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Find the Best Stocks to Buy with Helpful Online Resources



Investing in the stock market is not a walk in the park. The volatility of market prices can affect one’s investments in a blink of an eye. For instance, prices of stocks can skyrocket one day then taper off the following week. Investors who do not monitor the value of their stocks may lose significant profit opportunities if they keep themselves out of the loop. On the other hand, stockholders who are looking for more income opportunities may be able to earn supplemental income if they stay up-to-date on market information like the top stocks and best stocks to buy.

The same goes for people who invest in the foreign exchange markets (Forex). The value of currencies can be easily affected by external factors like political crises, economic developments, and even natural disasters. The US dollar, for instance, can go up and down in terms of value when pegged against other currencies like the Yen and the Euro. Forex traders must keep updated on the performance of currencies they are involved in to maximize their profitability and lessen their risk of loss.

The latest market information is critical for many traders, especially those that want to maximize their earning potentials. For instance, a trader who would like to sell a stock would be interested to learn when said stock will reach its peak price in order to capitalize on the trading opportunity. There are also stockholders who prefer to receive reports on market activity on a delayed basis, usually at the end of the day. Market reports generated by financial websites can be customized to be delivered according to the preference of subscribers.

With the amount of money involved in the stock markets, investing in a market monitoring subscription service is a great option. Stockholders, traders and even market watchers find websites like Barchart.com to be a very worthy investment, as these types of websites allow them to easily monitor market activity. These websites provide updated market information that enables traders to keep track of market activity.

Websites like Barchart.com also provide related news and information that are equally important and useful to subscribers. Such news and information may range from political to economic in nature, both of which can affect market activity in one way or another. Additionally, websites such as Barchart.com are indeed very helpful and critical to traders and investors. Whether it’s keeping track of top stocks or knowing the best stocks to buy, these websites make investing in the stock market a bit easier. Visit barchart.com to learn more and sign up for a membership.

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Tips to Consider When Searching for Top Stocks to Buy Online



Online equity trading and investing has become very popular. Anyone that has Internet access and an appetite to earn supplemental income can engage in online trading and investing. However, just like any other type of investment in the stock market, online trading has its risks. Individuals cannot simply find top stocks to buy or stocks at 52 week lows and expect great results every time. Traders can minimize their losses in the fast-moving equity market if they understand the risks involved with their investments, as well as the equities they are buying.

Traders that choose to engage in online trading should study their options before making any type of investment decision. Online traders are often lured in by the convenience of buying equities and stocks online. After all, it only takes a few clicks to buy and sell stocks. Online trading saves time, but online investing often takes much more time. Wise and experienced online traders don’t feel the urge to sell or buy stocks quickly; rather they try to study their investments and risks in order to determine if buying, selling or holding a stock is the best option for the particular time period.

Online traders who don’t want to buy or sell a stock at a value that is higher or lower than they’d prefer should set price limits. With a limit order, an online trader can only buy a stock at the set price or lower. Additionally, he can sell a stock at the limit price or higher. For instance, an online trader can set a buy price limit of $40 for a hot stock. This means that the online trader would never be able to buy the stock for higher than $40 and he would avoid any loss in case the stock’s price tapers off in the next few weeks.

Online trading will continue to be the preferred methodamong many traders and investors to trade equities and stocks. Similar to what the Internet has done for many products and services, online trading is convenient and easy. Online traders, however, must not be confined to simply looking for top stocks to buy and checking on information like 52 week lows. Investing can take time and investors who are prudent and resourceful are often the ones who make big profits. In order to make the most of one’s time, a trader should consider looking into the services provided to members of Barchart, a leading financial website. Sign up for a free membership at barchart.com.

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Leading Financial Website Enables Investors to Determine the Best Stocks to Buy



Trading in the stock market is one of the best ways to grow one’s earning potential aside from investing in a business. Gone are the days when a market investor would have to read newspapers to chart the performance of his stocks, as the Internet now provides this information and more in a single click of a mouse. There are many websites that offer real-time and end-of-the day data on stock market activity. These websites provide accurate resources for individuals looking for the best stocks to buy. Information like top stocks and market news are uploaded on these websites in real time, allowing investors to make informed trading decisions.

Barchart is one leading website for market information. It offers a plethora of features to its members. In fact, many of its members have assigned Barchart as their homepage in their Internet browsers – proof of how useful the website is to traders and investors. One of the most useful features of the website is the Barchart Opinions section, which displays 13 indicators that can guide investors in deciding in their decision whether to buy or hold a certain stock. Even the most veteran stock traders will find the Barchart Opinions feature helpful, as they will learn how they can maximize their trading gains by making the best trading decisions.

Additionally, Barchart has information regarding how stocks are performing against various indices and how a certain stock is faring against other stocks in its sector. For investors who want a better perspective, they can look up at the historical performance of a stock and base their decision on said information.

Members are privy to more than powerful tools and indicators to assist them in making trading decisions; in fact, Barchart provides the latest stock market news to its members. The latest developments in the corporate front, as well as industry trends that will affect the prices of stocks, are made available to Barchart members.

Barchart also allows its members to customize their portfolio, resulting in a faster and more convenient method of managing stocks. The available customization enables members to switch their portfolios from simple quote boards to multiple quote boards showing bought and sold stocks.

These are just some of the benefits of becoming a member at Barchart. Indeed, anyone using the website will be able to learn the best stocks to buy and the top stocks in the market, giving him or her substantial advantage in the trading of commodities. Become a member for free at barchart.com.

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Monitor Which Stocks to Buy on Financial Websites



Investing in the stock market is no easy task. Even the most experienced traders find themselves at a lost sometimes when deciding whether to hold and when to sell a stock. However, the good news is that successfully navigating the stock market can be learned with the help of leading financial websites, such as Barchart. Any trader can learn about details about the best stocks to buy when they visit this and other stock market websites. Among other helpful tools, visitors can look at detailed indicators like 52 week lows and historical data of stock prices, which provides the necessary information to make an informed trading decision.

Barchart has been in business for more than eight decades and has consistently raised the bar when it comes to market information. Members of the website can enjoy benefits like personal market feeds. The tool offered allows Barchart members to monitor price alerts, market activity and news that can help them in their trading decisions. The functionality also enables members to connect with other traders, much like a social media account that is designed to be easy and convenient for market traders.

The personal market feed feature is one of the more impressive and useful tools found on Barchart’s website. Once a Barchart member logs into his account, he can see triggered price alerts displayed directly on his feed. News is also displayed and he has the option to choose the type of news fed to his account, as well as types of sources of the news.

Interactivity is enhanced in the personal market feed feature since members can connect with other members. Subscribers can find other members by typing in names in the search box. Even better, they can exchange comments, insights and opinions on market activity and trends in the Market Talk section. For instance, a Barchart member can recommend a stock as a “buy,” which can then help other members. Through this feature, Barchart members can share information and knowledge that they find useful as they manage their portfolios.

Barchart is a reputable provider of price quotes, charts and technical analysis not only for the stock markets but also for the options, foreign exchange and ETF markets. Its personal market feed section makes it easier for members to keep track of all the information relevant to them – whether its stocks to buy or 52 week lows – and enable them to maximize their profitability in the process. Visit barchart.com to become a member today.

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Financial Website Provides Investors with Futures Charts and Other Valuable Resources


The stock market is one of the best ways for companies to raise money. Issuing shares of stocks allows a business to raise funds for its various projects. These projects are usually designed for business expansion like building a new plant or factory, hiring more people or developing new products and services. While companies can always seek out a loan from a bank for its expansion initiatives, many businesses prefer to utilize the stock market instead, as it won’t leave the company saddled in debt. On the other hand, people who buy shares of these stocks are able to earn extra income in case the stock prices increase. Financial websites are handy for people who want to begin investing in the stock market or try high risk investing like futures stocks. This financial website provides useful features, like futures charts, for any stock market venture an individual may pursue.

When a company goes public, it sells a part of its equity holding to raise capital through an initial public offering. The stocks of the company are sold at a fixed value. The prices of shares can rise or lower depending on factors like the profitability of the company. In exchange for the money that the company receives for going public, it gives its shareholders part ownership. For instance, an individual who bought 1 of the 100 shares of stocks issued by company A is considered to be a 1% owner of said company. The money that the company receives from issuing shares of stocks is then used for various expansion activities like upgrading its equipment or developing new products.

Shareholders, those who bought shares of stocks from a company, may earn a profit from their shares. Companies give their shareholders voting rights, as well as copies of their annual reports. It is not unusual for shareholders to earn a handsome profit from their stocks, especially if the stocks belong to companies that perform well financially.

Financial websites have made it easier for individuals to better understand the stock market and even engage in high-risk investments like futures. This pertains to selling or buying stocks at a future date. In this type of investment, a stockholder can enter into an agreement to sell a specific amount of stock for a set price at a future date. This way, a stockholder’s profit opportunity can be protected by inflation or changes in prices.

Individuals who want to learn more about futures should visit the website of Barchart. Barcharthas all the information they need to better understand the basics and intricacies of the stock markets, including useful resources like futures charts. Become a member for free at barchart.com.


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Why Do Investors Seek Out Hot Stocks?



There are many ways for an individual to invest. One of the best ways to invest is to invest money in the stock market. The stock market is where companies sell their shares of stocks to the public. Two of the most popular stock markets are the NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Aside from these national stock exchanges, there are also smaller stock markets found in cities like Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Chicago, among others. Smaller companies are often listed on these small stock markets. Investors are then able to buy hot stocks and top stocks of companies listed on these stock exchanges.

Companies that sell their stocks on the stock market do so for funding requirements. Through the issuance of stocks, a company can raise money for projects like building more factories, hiring new people or developing new products. Though a company can always borrow money from banks, the difference in issuing stocks is that a company will not be in debt to a financial institution.

In return, people who buy stocks are called stockholders or shareholders. A share of stock is the smallest unit of ownership of a company. In effect, shareholders or stockholders are part owners of the company. An investor who buys a stock of a company that issued 100 shares of stock (out of 10,000 stocks) essentially owns 1% of the said company.

People who buy stocks from a certain company do so because they feel that the company will grow, thus, earning them money if they decide to sell their shares. When the company earns money, the people who have bought shares of its stock make money as well. It is for this reason that buying stocks has proven to be a very rewarding activity for many investors interested in making supplemental income. Over time, people are more likely to earn more from their stocks than from leaving their money in the bank or from other investment methods, such as buying bonds.

However, investing in the stock market is not a walk in the park. Even the most veteran stock market investors have the possibility of losing money if the companies they bought shares of stocks from end up losing money. Buying the best current stocks is not a guarantee that the investor will end up with a profit in the end.

With the help of websites like Barchart.com, investors can make better investment decisions concerning which top stocks and hot stocks to buy. Barchart provides stock market investors a history of stock prices and analyses, making it easier for investors to buy or trade shares wisely.  For more information, visit Barchart online at barchart.com.

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